Friday, February 24, 2006

This Just In

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So I'm spending today buckling down and working in my office instead of taking off as soon as class is over, and I'm listening to WMFU on my office computer (thanks to a great lead from Bryan over at The Great Whatsit) and I'm stoked, because they play a nice and easy Dusty Springfield song. In fact, I'm feeling so pleased, that I almost blog about it. It would have been kind of a pointless blog, more of a Hey, my lady is on the radio, and they're not playing "Son of a Preacher Man," sort of thing, which might have led to a what-I'm-doing-now newsy blog. But I'm too lazy and I've really got to get these papers graded.

But then the DJ breaks in with some news. Not only are they making a bio-pic of Dusty's life, which has been talked about forever, with not much actually going forward, but Ang Lee is going to direct it. And Charlize Theron will play Dusty, with Kate Moss as one of her early lovers. The last I heard about this project, Kristin Chenowith, who played the lead in Wicked, was cast as Dusty, which made me a little uncomfortable, because I really hate the whole musical genre, especially the belting part and, having heard that Chenowith planned to sing the Dusty songs herself, I couldn't imagine that it wouldn't suck.

Charlize Theron, however, seems like a good choice, although with her perky little pug nose, she certainly doesn't look like Dusty. For one thing, I like that she's not shying away from lesbian roles, despite getting a lot of shit for playing so many. For another thing, I think it's kind of appropriate that a South African is playing Dusty, since she's been pretty wildly popular there, way more than in the U.S., at least, since she got deported in 1964 for refusing to play to segregated audiences. Also, I doubt Theron will try to cover Dusty's songs.


Blogger Oso Raro said...

OMG I loves me some Dusty, and TWICE on Sunday! So true about "Son of a Preacher Man." Good grief, wake me when it's done! I much prefer her classics "I Only Want to Be With You" and "Stay Awhile." Her cover of the "Look of Love" is also brilliant!

Interesting that they're making a film about her. Not sure about the Theron connection, but you never know. Can they get her hair that BIG? Hollywood magic, baby! So glad you're also over you're neuresthenic lapse as well. A little bit of Dusty will do that for any girl. Ask the Pet Shop Boys if you don't believe me! :-P

12:33 AM  
Blogger Adriana Velez said...

Hey Chicago resident -- check out this week's Time Out! Totally unrelated to your post, sorry. Kristin Chenowith, eeewwww! What a relief they got Theron instead.

10:31 PM  

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