Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Allergic to the world

It was 80 degrees today in Chicago. The trees are starting to blossom, the lake path is jammed with happy, bare-skinned people and I can't stop sneezing. I've taken so much allergy medicine that I'm sick to my stomach and can't stay awake. A perfect day to grade essays, right? I took a restless, half-awake/half-asleep nap in the middle of the afternoon, as I was reading The Woman Warrior for about the tenth time, because I'm teaching it right now and my half-asleep thoughts took on Kingston's voice--"had my mother roused herself from her sleep, she would have seen a pollen ghost, fat and green, soft like the cotton cover of the couch she slept on." I woke up to a milky-white dusk and the beginnings of rain. Good. Wash away this sticky spring and let me sleep tonight.

What I would have liked to do today:
1. watch The Bob Newhart Show
2. listen to Aztec Camera's Love
3. color


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