Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh Pat, why?

Dear Pat Summitt,
I'm still pretty upset about Sunday night's upset against Michigan State. I guess you are too. I know that the feminist in me should be really happy that there are more teams for you to play and more competition. I know that this loss is ultimately your fault, MSU your monster, because you've drawn so much attention to this sport that more programs are developing and getting more money and support and, therefore, getting strong enough to beat you.

And I know, I should root for the underdogs. Look, I learned to love Kim Mulkey-Robertson this time around, even though the name Baylor strikes fear into my godless, lesbian heart. Don't ask me to love MSU's Joanne McCallie, even if she does look a little bit like Isabella Rossellini.

Mostly, I'm just sad because I won't get to see you strutting along the sidelines in a fabulous suit tonight. I love it when you yell.


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