Tuesday, November 14, 2006

90 more minutes

of teaching left in what has been the longest, shortest, hardest, most frantic quarter I've ever experienced. The next time I agree to teach 5 days a week, someone hit me. Hard.

The stats:
10 weeks
3 classes
100 students
2 conferences
4 presentations
8 committees
1 article accepted for publication (YAY!!!!)

Happily the last text of the last day of the worst quarter is the last half of Dracula, and so by the time I've dragged them through Max Nordau and explained why Van Helsing keeps talking about Dracula's "child-brain," and squeeged them out by spending way too much time on the scene where Mina sucks blood from Dracula's chest, pointing out, too forcefully, that, with her arms pinned behind her and his hand pushing her head down and into him, this is really a forced-fellatio scene, it will be time to hand out evaluations, say my goodbyes, and run like hell.

More soon.


Blogger Oso Raro said...

So THAT"S where you've been! Good grief! Welcome back, and yes, blog more. And also, thanks for the birthday greetings :-) I may indeed have to craft an All About Eve/Eva Desnuda entry just for you!

2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There can be no better way than bloodsucking forced vampire fellatio to end a class. They must love you.

And congrats on the aricle! Yay indeed!

Miss you--we're just done now too. Will work on getting us all out to the bar this holiday season. For all its rewards, teaching interferes with drinking.

Kat xo

1:59 AM  

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