Sunday, November 26, 2006

schpunkt, or, Thanksgiving in the country

We spent Thanksgiving in Michigan, at my friend, Exuberant Boy's family's home in the country. By the time we got there late on Thursday afternoon, he and his boyfriend, Sly Enabler, had a fire going in the fireplace, a roast in the oven, and had worked their way through the better part of a bottle of vodka. GF and I did our best to catch up with cocktail hour and by the time dinner was served--which we ate in front of the tv, while watching trashy Thanksgiving programming--we all felt pretty jolly. Jolly enough, that is, to spend the rest of the evening watching Pippi Longstocking. (Which I wouldn't have remembered if it weren't for the fifth season Gilmore Girls' episode, "We've Got a Pippi Virgin Here." Lorelei describes it as an oddly surreal masterpiece, or something like that. She's not wrong. It's also oddly pornographic, teeming with crotch shots and phallic visual puns.)

Sly Enabler and I fell asleep somewhere after the schpunkt exam (if it's been a while, a major plot point entails Pippi "making up" the word schpunkt and then using it in all sorts of ha-larious ways: she loses her schpunkt and interrupts the town gossip's tea party looking for it; she booby-traps a door with a bucket of eggs and paint and catches a schpunkt; and finally, she breaks her schpunkt and has to have it checked, which, thanks to Sweden's fabulous socialized medicine program, doesn't cost her anything: "As always, Pippi," the creepy doctor tells her, "the schpunkt exam is free!") and before the cake party/sausage eating contest, which her father, the semi-comatose cannibal pirate king wins handily.

We got up earlyish the next day, had a huge breakfast, started cooking our real Thanksgiving dinner, watched another movie, were joined by more friends, took a walk in the woods, hauled fire wood, started another fire, got started on another cocktail hour, and finally sat down to our Thanksgiving feast Friday evening. Then we watched Pippi, again.


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I have seen that movie many, many times!

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