Sunday, August 28, 2005

Gurlesque Burlesque

I'm back from California, exhausted in that post-vacation way, and filled with fear that somehow I'll fritter away my precious ten weeks (one quarter) of research leave. So, like many bloggers right about now, I'm not going to be posting much here, not that (and yes, like almost all bloggers who make this resolution, here I go, writing the next obligatory, cliched qualifier) I think anyone's life revolves around reading my blog. In order to immerse myself in my project I'm methodically cutting myself off from distractions, namely:

1. The New York Times. Reading the Times cover to cover each morning is one of THE joys of my life, but it means that my morning "wake up" ritual lasts about 2 hours. I know I can still sneak a peek on-line, but it's just not the same, so I think I'll be able to resist.

2. Blogs. Yesterday I went through my favorites menu and deleted all the blogs I love most--La Lecturess, New Kid, Dr. Crazy, Profgrrl, BitchPhd, etc. Of course, I didn't delete my bloglines account, so I can still peek at them, but I can't pore over their pages anymore, or join in their conversations.

But before I get back to whatever one does on a Sunday morning without the Times (it hurts, it hurts; I feel empty and alone), I have to give a quick shout out to the Sissy Butch Brothers whose seventh Gurlesque Burlesque was last night. As always, this was an AMAZING show. Seriously, it was breathtaking, moving, vibrant, and joyful. Picture a venue packed to the rafters (literally) with dykes of all shapes and sizes and degrees of conformity/funkiness.

Now picture a series of sexy, empowered, politically charged burlesque performances that make you wonder how music ever made sense without women taking off their clothes and dancing to it.

I never leave one of these shows without wanting to write, sing, dance, strip, think, theorize. And I never leave without feeling giddy-grateful that my academic interests allow me to revel in gender performance and hyper-femininity and decadence and costume, etc. This event makes me proud, but more than that, DELIGHTED, even STOKED, to live in Chicago, where the queer community is strong and diverse and intellectually engaging and, most importantly, accessible.


Blogger La Lecturess said...

We'll miss you!

But best of luck with your research leave--here's hoping that you get everything accomplished that you want to & that you emerge from it reenergized. Or reinvigorated. Or something.


2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's be real. Clearly there are people whose lives revolve around reading your blog.


11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:50 PM  

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