Wednesday, April 04, 2007


A few people have asked me how things went at the doctor's on Monday. What I meant was that I would call to make an appointment on Monday, not that I would be able to go on Monday. So the neurologist can't see me for a few weeks, which I expected.

For now (please, please don't let typing this bring it back) the headache is under control. Luckily GF was home this weekend and so she spent most of Saturday rubbing the back of my neck and my shoulders. I say rubbing, but I really mean pummeling the hell out of. She has big, strong hands and worked mercilessly to break down the knots. Then I laid on heating pads, and lathered up in sweet-smelling ben gay. Sunday the headache was gone and I didn't even have to take any meds. Monday I had an already scheduled massage/acu-pressure appointment and a teeny-tiny woman made GF's hands seem like a child's: she pushed straight into the knots with more strength than I ever could have imagined. I'm seeing her again in two weeks and have an acupuncture appointment for today.

So the headache is under control, for now, though I can feel the outlines of it behind my eye. As long as I sit up straight, stretch frequently, and don't lift weights (for now--gotta figure out what to do about that, because I really, really wanted deltoids for the summer) it should be okay, but one thing I'll do with the neurologist (besides ruling out other, unlikely scenarios) is work on a long-term plan for managing my headaches. Thanks for the concern and the kind wishes.


Anonymous What Now? said...

The fact that massage and heating pads and acupuncture all help the headaches seems like really good news to me. Probably not a tumor or aneurysm or the like, since I don't think those things would respond to your muscles' relaxing.

So maybe the outcome of all of this will be that you have a workable plan for maintaining physical relaxation and thus keeping headaches at bay. (So easy to say, such another thing altogether to do!)

I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Take care of yourself.

8:39 PM  

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