Friday, July 27, 2007

"Live" Blogging from the Couch

When I optimistically promised I'd be back blogging with a vengeance during my recuperation, what, exactly, did I think I'd blog about?
  • Gilmore Girls repeats at 10am and 4pm?
  • The joys of keeping my foot elevated around the clock?
  • What it feels like to go three days without washing my hair?
  • Getting a care package from my dad containing no less than 30 The Cat Who . . . mysteries. (Sweet that he thought I'd like them, since I have Siamese cats, but how long does he think I'm going to be laid up? And how many do I need to read to be polite? I read one the first day and it was actually a pretty fun read, though the protagonist/amateur detective is impossible to like.)
  • The virtues of frozen peas vs. frozen corn as non-melting ice packs?
  • Having to eat constantly, so that I don't get sick from my pain meds, and indulging in my worst, most shameful, least nutritious, most fattening, least in need of chewing, embarrassingly infantile food desires, including Chef Boyardee ravioli*, Swiss Miss chocolate pudding, and Uncrustables pb&j sandwiches (I always secretly coveted them when I saw my students eating them).
  • How excited I am for the next installment of Damages? How disappointing I, too, thought Saving Grace was?
  • How completely tired I am of reading articles about Mormonism/anything related to Mormons? (I gotta say, though, last month Bust had a pretty right-on article about Mormon feminists--I was ready to hate it and them, but it was solid and not afraid of explaining why this is such an impossible position to maintain for long.) But still, enough. Stop it. Doesn't anyone want to write about Jehovah's Witnesses?
  • How much I wish I was this blogger, spending the summer in Northern California with my beautiful son and fabulous artist spouse, going to glamorous art events and eating amazing, local food on a eucalyptus shaded patio? (I'm guessing about the trees, but it's a good California staple.)
Earlier this week I thought I was almost better and stopped taking my pain meds and started walking around a lot--thinking, "this wasn't such a big deal operation, and I don't want to get addicted, and motion is good so my joint doesn't freeze in place while it heals." But it turns out that that pounding, pulsing, feverish feeling that my foot is about to burst open IS pain! So I'm back on the couch, alternating reading The Cat Who . . . books with work-type books, listening to the radio for company**, and spending way too much time in my head.

* Did you know he was a real person?
**When did U2 start getting played on classic rock radio? Unforgettable Fire seems to be the album my station likes to pull from the most. I always loved its hot pink cover. I feel really old.


Blogger Adriana Velez said...

Oh wow, I look away for a month or so and you've survived your father's visit and foot surgery!

Mmmm, whole milk.

You are so funny. No glamorous art events for us this summer, but I am so in love with these eucalyptus trees.

1:20 AM  
Anonymous What Now? said...

Have your doctors given you an estimate for how much longer you'll be laid up? Getting to lie around on the couch all day reading mysteries is the sort of thing that sounds like heaven, and is for about a day, and then must be so boring afterward!

And I think the answer is TWO -- once you read two of the mysteries, you can send him a nice note saying how much you've loved being introduced to this series and you look forward to the rest. And then you're done, obligation-wise.

Take care of yourself!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous What Now? said...

I'm planning the final week and a half of my hellish summer school program, in which we're doing poetry, and I've decided that narrative poetry is definitely the way to go, insofar as these students are likely to be gripped by poetry at all. So just now I was thinking, "How about 'Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight,' since I just can't bring myself to assign 'The Highwayman,' and 'Paul Revere's Ride' is unexpectedly boring?" And so I googled "Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight" -- and your blog post on it is the fifth-highest Google-ranked post on the poem!! I thought you'd like to know.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Perverse Adult said...

-The least he could do is make it that cat mystery series written by Rita Mae Brown. (altho something silly and escapist sounds nice right now...Post-Harry Potter, I've been attempting Pynchon. Eek.)

-HEART Uncrustables.

-Now that I'm not a student, how many years do I have to wait before I'm allowed to post a link to your blog on mine?

-I have a proposition for you for sometime in the fall.


10:26 PM  
Blogger Margo, darling said...

WN: did you end up teaching that poem? how did it go?

PA: you can go ahead and link me now. It's not like I really say anything about school on here these days anyway, right? Curious to know what the proposition is!??!

4:11 PM  

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